Resident involvement

Residency commitments

During their stay at the Institut d'études avancées de Nantes, resident researchers have the greatest possible freedom in determining their work and working hours.

However, they are required to undertake to:

  • Reside at the Institute during the agreed period (participation in outside activities during weekdays must remain limited to less than 10% of the total duration of the stay, i.e. the equivalent of 20 days taken during the week during a 9-month stay);
  • Take part in the weekly seminar attended by all residents on Monday mornings. Each resident is asked to take it in turns to present some of his or her work in progress, and to open up to collegial discussion. As the seminar plays a crucial role in exchanges between residents, we ask everyone to make it a priority in their diaries, and to miss the seminar only in exceptional circumstances;
  • Take part in the two weekly meals held for all residents, on Monday lunchtime and Thursday evening.

The Institute may organize public conferences. These meetings play a valuable role in exchanges between residents, but attendance is not compulsory.


Ethical Declaration on Inclusion, Diversity and Respect

Since 2023, the Institut d'études avancées de Nantes has had an Ethical Declaration on Inclusion, Diversity and Respect. Everyone associated with the Institut is also committed to adhering to this charter, which is a prerequisite for any development of scientific activities, residency, employment or services.

The Institut d'études avancées de Nantes is a haven for researchers from all over the world, with diverse personal experiences, values and worldviews. This variety lies at the very heart of the exchanges taking place in this incubator of ideas. It is at once its richness, its raison d'être and its scientific material.

In this way, the Institut d'études avancées de Nantes affirms that equal treatment and inclusion for all is an inescapable preamble to the academic research and intellectual debates that take place within its walls, as well as a sine qua non condition for all interactions between fellows, with the team or with any visitor.

The Institut d'études avancées de Nantes is committed to a strict policy of inclusion of all races, religions, colors, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions, or national or ethnic origins in its recruitment or selection processes.

These principles apply within the walls of the Institute, at the place of residence and during the entire stay as a resident.

This commitment also applies to all staff members and visitors.

Accordingly, the Institute prohibits any conduct that constitutes, may lead to, or contributes to harassment based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), parental status, national origin, age, disability, genetic information (including family medical history), political affiliation or any other characteristic protected by law.

Inappropriate conduct, humorous comments, jokes or even compliments can lead to or contribute to harassment.

In addition, in order to maintain a healthy and caring work environment, everyone is encouraged to adopt a positive attitude towards others, and to respect everyone's opinions and opinions.

Creating a common ground that is safe for everyone is the only way to provide a fertile environment for the contribution of every experience. Only this respectful environment will enable everyone to contribute their voice to the Institute's reflection on our world.