Scientific programs

Since 2021, the Institute has had a scientific project that takes account of the upheavals that have been shaking the world of research and society as a whole in recent years.

In keeping with the principles that have underpinned its success, the Institute intends to expand its network of partners and strengthen their trust, simplify and clarify the statutes of its various stakeholders, welcome a greater proportion of junior researchers, develop its research areas and themes, strengthen the dissemination of its activities to different audiences, and finally enhance its tangible but above all intangible heritage: its exceptional worldwide community of alumni who share a common experience of scientific training.

While reaffirming the Institute's historical focus on the dogmatic framework of societies, the scientific project aims to open up to a new approach that responds to the challenges of our time: the relationship between humans and their environment, as expressed by the notion of “ecumene” developed by Augustin Berque, and to freedom of thought.

Both the method and the research themes that underpin this intellectual project are reflected in the Institute's various activities:

  • composition and animation of fellows' promotions,
  • organization of one-off workshops,
  • multi-year seminars to build epistemic communities,
  • events aimed at the scientific community, private-sector partners and the general public.