The different residency formats

Residencies at the Institute offer researchers an invaluable opportunity to take the time they need to delve deeply into their research at their own pace. 

Unlike conventional settings, where time can be limited and production demands are often pressing, residencies can allow you to devote yourself entirely to your project without the constraints of everyday life. This freedom of time encourages in-depth exploration of subjects and fosters creativity.

These programs also foster integration and interaction within a diverse intellectual community. Residents have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from other disciplines, welcome new perspectives and enrich their own work through these interdisciplinary interactions.

An important feature of the program is the diversity of research projects, disciplines, cultures and nationalities. Unlike some environments where only certain forms of research are valued, the Institute encourages dialogue between a variety of methodologies, approaches, visions and areas of research. This fosters a culture of innovation and experimentation, enabling residents to explore new ideas and push back the boundaries of knowledge.