Calls for applications

How to apply?

You must submit your application on the appropriate platform for the Chair you are applying for. You will need to fill in a form and submit documents online.

When should I apply?

Each call for applications has its own timetable. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll be kept informed of the different dates of the calls for applications.

  • Ongoing calls for applications 
    Residences 2025-2026: Institute (classic) until May 31, 2024
  • Call for applications to come
    Residencies 2025-2026: Chair of Arts, Society and Contemporary Change
    Residencies 2025-2026: Chair in Living within Planetary Limits
    Residency 2025-2026: Commons Chair: Knowledge, Power, Crisis
  • Call for applications closed 
    Residencies 2024-2025 : Classic residency
    Residence 2024-2025: France-ILO
    Residencies 2024-2025: Chair in Arts, Society and Contemporary Change
    Residencies 2024-2025 : FIAS
    Residencies 2024-2025: Chair in Living within Planetary Limits


Please note that all residency agreements are now subject to an ethical charter on inclusion, diversity and respect, which has been in force at the Institut d'études avancées de Nantes since 2023.

Admission process

The admission process involves several stages common to all our residences.

  1. Once the applications have been received, an initial verification of eligibility is carried out internally. Validated applications are then assessed by experts and jury members. Finally, a selection of applications is made on the basis of these assessments, in conjunction with the Institute's Scientific Advisory Board.  These stages can extend over several months, depending on the number of applications.
  2. A zoom meeting is scheduled in each process, but at different stages depending on the type of residency: prior to selection for chairs; after selection for classic and FIAS residencies.
  3. At the end of the selection process, candidates are informed of the results by e-mail. Three statuses are then communicated
          - retained on the main list ;
          - retained on waiting list ;
          - not accepted.
  4. If accepted, the candidate must confirm his/her interest in the residency.
  5. Once this interest has been confirmed, the Institute contacts the candidate to agree on the legal, administrative and financial conditions of his/her stay.
  6. Finally, once the agreement has been signed, the logistical and scientific preparations for the arrival are put in place until the arrival in Nantes for the start of the residency.


Calls for applications