The Institut d'études avancées de Nantes shares its buildings with the MSH (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme) Ange Guépin: a number of facilities are shared between the two establishments: hall, auditorium, meeting rooms, library.

In addition, numerous partnerships have been and continue to be forged with local, national and international structures and organizations.

The Institute is also a member of various national and international networks. 
Member of the consortium SIAS since 2015, he is also a founding member of RFIEA (Réseau Français des Instituts d’Etudes Avancées) and a partner in the RFIEA+ Laboratory of Excellence. The Institute is also a member of the NetIEAS (European network of institutes for advanced studies).

Since 2013, the Institute has administered the Indian-European Advanced Studies Network (IEARN).

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